Two days to get your veggies:

Saturday Market Pickup: Order on Wednesday/Thursday

Wednesday Home Delivery: Order on Monday

    $3.00 delivery fee. Delivery area limited to Mineral Point,        Dodgeville, and about a mile outside each town.


How to Place An Order

Select and add items to your cart below. (Please order a minimum of $10.00.)

  1. At checkout, select your pick-up location 

  2. Pay now with credit or debit card. Or select "pay at pick-up" to pay when your box is picked up or delivered. I accept credit or debit card, personal check, or cash. 

  • Market pick-up: Arrive at the Mineral Point Market between 8:30 and 11:00am Saturday. 

  • Wednesday Home Delivery: Leave a cooler in a shady location. Drop-off will occur between noon and 4pm.

    • If paying with check, leave in a safe location​


Ordering for Saturday Market pickup is closed for this week.

Get your veggies at Water Tower Park on Saturday between 8:30-11:00am.

Lettuce is in short supply this week, and my second flush of red tomatoes need more time to ripen. I will have some of both at Market, but am not confident enough to promise them for advance orders. Lots of cherry tomatoes, spinach, and green beans!


Tired of the plastic bag inserts in your preorder box?

We can now pack your boxes without the liner bag if you choose! At Market, ask for your order, transfer items into YOUR bags, and we'll keep the box!

*Leave a comment at checkout if you want to ditch the liner bag.


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