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Scroll down for instructions on today's order (November 12th). 

Want Shooting Star Veggies? Here's how to get your fix:

Choice # 1 - Shop the Market

Choice # 2 - In a rush? Pre-order on Wednesday or Thursday for the upcoming Saturday Market. Scroll down for details. 

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Order for Pick-up: Text

Select and add items to your cart below. (Please order a minimum of $20.00)

  1. At checkout, select your pick-up location. 

  2. Pay now with credit or debit card. Or select "pay at pick-up" to pay when your box is picked up. I accept credit or debit card, personal check, or cash. 

    Order for Pick-up: What's Happening

    Ordering is open from noon today 11/12 until 7pm or sell-out.

     Order a pre-boxed option for $25.00. Veggies included in the box are listed in the item description. You can add additional items to your box "a la carte".

    You are welcome to order a la carte, but orders must be a minimum of $20.00.

    Pick-up is Sunday November 13th from Noon - 1:30pm at Cafe 43 in Mineral Point. Farm pick-up is also an option.

    Inventory is limited, so not all items in the fall box are available a la carte and vice versa.

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    Order for Pick-up: Text
    Order for Pick-up: Stores

    We don’t have any products to show here right now.

    Order for Pick-up: Products
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